About me

Welcome to my homepage
Little about my self, I live on the Karmoy island in the vest coast of Norway. My town Aakrehamn lie beautiful until the west part of this island.

Speira Karmøy is my place of work, where I too day working as scrap conveyor on shift D4.

In the period of 1986 – 2001 was I a very great part of the scout work, in Aakra Scoutgroup.

Leisure time I never have, and I was whith and establish Aakra Mountaingroup. You can visit their webpage, and You can here see nice picture. Here You can se nice picture from the area arond the montain cottage and the area woodland besides Aakrehamn.

To have recreation time in my summer house in Hovring Island is balsam to body and to my soul.

Real friendship is maybe a deficiency symptom in society of today. It pertain to friend and between nation. Tolerance go out on to thing; that You understand other, and special they as different than You, and that You accept your right to be different. Friendship demand that You active support and do what You can to help and support your friend.